Mr. Cagan has done workshops domestically or internationally on the following issues:
(Workshops range in length from one hour, in service, to a 30 hour, week long course.)

  • Anxiety; Taming the Fear
  • Depression; Living Again
  • Aging and the Seasons of Life
  • How to Develop Healthy Boundaries
  • Stress Management; Personal Peace
  • Bi-Polar Disorder; Riding the Roller Coaster
  • Divorce Recovery; Surviving the Storm
  • Eating Disorders; Who am I?
  • Co-Parenting and Single Parenting
  • Surviving Trauma and the Road Back
  • Shame and Guilt; The Big Lie
  • Healthy Relationships; Building Trust
  • Bullying and Youth Violence
  • Cutting; Feel My Pain
  • ADD/ADHD Strategies for Coping
  • Parenting Challenging Children and Teens
  • Addiction/ Recovery; What it Really Takes
  • Psycho-pharmacology and Therapy
  • Incest, Molestation and Sexual Assault; Healing the Soul
  • Conflict, Communication, and Learning to Listen
  • Loss; Healing and Moving On
  • Brain Injury and other disabilities; Learning uniqueness
  • Chronic Pain; How it Effects Me, Fulfillment