Once a mutually-acceptable Parenting Plan has been developed, Mr. Cagan offers his services as a Parenting Plan Coordinator (Child Custody Special Master) for parents who require on-going assistance in implementing the Parenting Plan and/or negotiating issues that arise pertaining to the children’s needs. Parenting plan coordination facilitates ongoing mediation, enabling parents to avoid the expense, time and stress of returning to court for resolution of minor decisions.

Prior to beginning mediation between the parties, Mr. Cagan makes sure that a clear agreement has been negotiated, which defines how she will work with the parties on various levels of decision-making. This is done by meeting with parents separately and/or together, meeting with the children, obtaining information/meeting with any other therapists or significant persons involved, and reviewing any court recommendations and/or custody evaluations. The goal of Parenting Plan Coordination is to help parents reach agreement through respectful communication.

In his role as Parenting Plan Coordinator, Mr. Cagan focuses on the best interests of the children. He strives to assist parents in resolving conflicts and reaching resolution as quickly as possible so that the needs of the children are met with minimal disruption, and so that each parent may go on with their lives peacefully and efficiently. 
The frequency and duration of Parenting Plan Coordination services is determined on an individual basis, and clear arrangement about payment of fees is established in advance.