Divorce Coaching


Mr. Cagan's basic approach to mediation is to provide the necessary structure and guidance to assist the parties in resolving their issues. How this plays out in each mediation depends on the particular circumstances and personalities involved.

The process of separation and divorce can be extremely stressful on many levels, including emotional, financial and physical. In addition to the personal changes that occur, divorcing couples are also often faced with an unfamiliar and very confusing legal maze through which they must navigate, making enormous personal and financial decisions along the way. Divorce mediation is a tremendously effective alternative to costly and painful litigation.

The mediation process involves a neutral facilitator (or “mediator”) to guide divorcing couples through their separation issues one by one, discussing available options. As an approved mediator, Mr. Cagan draws upon his extensive experience and training in both psychotherapy and conflict resolution to present choices that might satisfy the needs of all parties involved in the divorce, including the children. The mediation process helps to dispel distrust, tension and anger among the parties, while assisting in the planning of a future that consists of looking out for the interests and needs of all individuals.

Should legal representation be retained by divorcing parties, Mr. Cagan has the expertise to work as part of a therapist/attorney team in a creative, understanding manner. He also specializes in reunification therapy between parents and children according to the changing parameters of Parenting Plans and/or Court Orders.