Divorce Therapy


The function of a mediator in custody mediation is to facilitate effective communication between the parents in order to develop a mutually acceptable Parenting Plan that is in the best interests of all parties involved, especially the children. Working together, Mr. Cagan and parents develop agreements that facilitate cooperative parenting, are appropriate to the ages of the children, and provide the children with frequent and continuous access to both parents.

As a mediator, Mr. Cagan helps parents learn effective methods of communication while understanding the emotional and developmental needs of their children. Mediation offers parents an objective viewpoint regarding how their children’s needs can be met within a mutually-acceptable Parenting Plan. Although the mediator presents various options to be included in the Parenting Plan, the parents are the ones who make the decisions.

All issues related to the Parenting Plan are negotiated in good faith, so it is essential that both parties bring all pertinent information to the table with honesty. Mediation sessions continue until parties reach full agreement. Parties may wish have their attorneys review the proposed agreement prior to signing. The Parenting Plan Agreement is then written up, signed by both parties and filed with the Court.

In the event that legal representation is retained by divorcing parties, Mr. Cagan has the expertise to work as part of a therapist/attorney team in a creative, understanding manner. He also specializes in reunification therapy between parents and children according to the changing parameters of the Parenting Plan and/or Court Orders.