I see each person as unique and precious, often suffering emotional stress and pain from current situations. These may include relationships, anxiety, depression, despair, as well as issues from the past makes life overwhelmimg at times. In my nearly six decades of living and nineteen years of experience in the mental health field. I have experienced and seen life's deepest lows and greatest joys.

My passion in life is to help others. This has been my motivation for the nearly nineteen years of continual education, through graduate school, specialization workshops, training seminars, as well as offering workshops to groups and training to interns. Life itsef has taught me along with more than 10,000 client hours that everyone's prespective is different. My extensive experience and confidence are very helpful in objectively understanding the true issues, sometimes hidden from sight. I am rather soft spoken, and patient, always listening intensely to each client.

I am fair, non-confrontational, genuine, caring professional and unbiased when working with couples as my clients. My clients describe me as kind, compassionate, and that I create an atmosphere of safety during our sessions. I utlilize variety of therapeutic modalities.

I hope you will chose me as your therapist. I feel confident I can help you.