Steven Cagan, California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT #45333), currently offers low cost psychotherapy through Premiere Counseling Center. He has been in the counseling profession in one form or another for twenty two years.

He has an enormous depth of experience gained in his more than ten thousand face-to-face client hours in a complete range of specialties focusing on all aspects of human relationships.

Mr. Cagan has been the keynote speaker at seminars and workshops regarding healing hurts, habits and hangups as well as healthy communication and conflict resolution. He has worked extensively with military personnel, single parents, individuals displaced from the workforce.

He has served as a leader in Batterer's Treatment, The Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team (DVRT), and victim advocacy through his work at The Coalition to End Family Violence. He has been a long term member of Partnership for Safe Families. Both of these agencies are located in Ventura County, California. USA. Through Premiere Counseling Center, Mr. Cagan and other staff have provided training workshops for law enforcement here in the USA, Russia, and Belarus on DV related topics.